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Perfect Pizza

So, perfecting homemade pizza has been my mission, nay obsession for the past 15 years. It really bothered me as an avid home cook that I couldn’t replicate restaurant level pizza in my own kitchen. It seemed so simple…dough, sauce, cheese, oven. I’ll get back to that simplicity thing shortly. So I tried tons of […]

Faux Pho

For those of you who aren’t familiar with pho (pronounced “fuh”), it is a classic Vietnamese soup that consists of a slow cooked beef broth along with a plethora of accoutrements such as bean sprouts, herbs, sriracha, and limes, to name just a few. Slices of meat are placed in bowls of the hot flavorful […]

Perfect Sugar Cookies

It took years to perfect this recipe, but it is now officially impeccable. Not too sweet, perfectly crisp and buttery, these delicious sugar cookies will blow any of those packaged doughs out of the water. Simple and tasty, make your own homemade cookies this holiday season…it only comes once a year. Ingredients: 2 1/3 cups […]