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Rhubarb Vodka Collins

Rhubarb has a very short season in early spring. If it grows in your yard, snatch it up and use it before it’s gone. If you see it in the grocery store, buy it! It can be cut up and frozen for later use. This cocktail features the tartness and ruby glow that rhubarb is […]

Game Day Snacks

With the upcoming football game this weekend, I thought it was only fair to make a small collection of my favorite game day snack recipes. Truth be told, I care more about the food than the game, but it is kinda fun to pretend for a couple days that I care about football. So here […]

Introducing My Salty Kitchen

My name is Jenn Knapp.I live in Chelsea, Maine and have lived in Maine for 19 years. I am a self-taught cook and have been honing my culinary skills for 15 years now. I have always been a food-lover and and wildly passionate about learning new techniques, finding unique ingredients, and discovering new recipes. My […]