Why is this food lover starving??


This post was going to be a recipe featuring fiddleheads. A good friend and woodland forager, Caroline Phillips has been providing me with seasonal goodies such as mushrooms, and this time of year is peak fiddlehead season. So why is this not a recipe for fiddleheads?? Because Caroline is too sick to go out and forage. Caroline is suffering from a condition known as Gastroparesis. Basically, what this means is paralysis of the stomach, thus an inability to break down and pass food through the digestive track. Caroline and I bonded over food. We both have a passion for cooking as well as admiring delicious seasonal food. Over the past couple years, Caroline has gotten more and more sick and lost 30 pounds just over the past year. She is essentially reduced to eating baby food. Caroline is wasting away. Long gone are the days of drooling over delicious foods and enjoying wonderful meals. After being told for years by doctors that she was “fine” and that her symptoms were “all in her head”, she was finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis. Unfortunately, through this process of emergency room trips and seemingly pointless doctors appointments, Caroline has found herself in significant debt due to medical bills. I implore you to take a moment as a fellow food-lover to imagine being unable to eat just about everything. Think about the daily nausea, fatigue from malnutrition, and severe abdominal pain. Think about such a wonderful thing as delicious food becoming your mortal enemy. Please consider donating ANY amount to help Caroline seek further treatment in an attempt at a more healthy and happy life. Gastroparesis is a fairly unknown condition, and I can honestly say that I had never heard of it until Caroline explained it to me. Please do anything you can to help raise awareness and to help a fellow food-lover and wonderful person get her life back. Again, any bit helps Caroline fight this battle. Please visit this site for more information: http://www.gofundme.com/95prd0

Jenn Knapp

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Jenn is a self-taught home cook who's passionate about using local and seasonal ingredients. She's a stay-at-home mother of two constantly looking for innovative ways to encourage her kids to be healthy and adventurous eaters.